Find it Fridays: Vol 4

Find It Fridays A where's wally of seabirds

Welcome back to the fourth Find It Fridays. Basically every Friday (maybe not every Friday) for the next year (well, until I run out of photos) I will post a photo with a camouflaged/hard to see nest with eggs, chicks or maybe a species of seabird mixed amongst other species. I will post the picture and then on the following blog post (of another Find It Fridays) I will re-post the photo and identify where the egg, chick, seabird etc, is! Last weeks chick is identified below. 

This one could be tough! We were putting GPS tags onto Kittiwakes from an amazing colony on the East coast of Ireland. The colony was very accessible and echoed with noisy Kittiwakes. While we were observing the colony we noticed a call from a different species of seabird. With a bit of looking, I found where the call was coming from and what species it was. So, in the photo below, you can see all the Kittiwake nesting on the cliffs edge. Amongst all the nesting Kitt…

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